Review Policy

I review Young Adult (YA) books and only YA books.

I usually enjoy all the genres. However, there are certain genres in which I am more drawn to: paranormal chick-lit, chick-lit, anything that has to do with social issues, fantasy, adventure, mysteries, and thrillers.

I accept the following formats of books: Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) and finished copies.

I sometimes accept the following formats of books: self-published books and eBooks/PDFs. I do have a Kindle II (which I love to read on) and I'm somewhat new to this. If you have an ebook or a PDF you'd like for me to review, please explain in detail in your message as to how I'll be able to read this on my Kindle.

I review all  my books, whether I finish the books or not. If I didn't like the book (i.e. I didn't finish the book because I didn't like it), then I will do a review on the book, explaining as to why I didn't finish it and what was my perspective on the pros and cons of the book.

Go ahead and send me an email if you'd like! I'll be happy to get back at you as soon as possible.

Email me at: 17pagesandcounting(at)gmail(dot)com

- Celeste ♥