Sunday, October 3, 2010

Smitten on Sunday (1)

SoS (Smitten on Sunday) is a new meme I've come up with, showing as to what I've been smitten with this past week, be it books, fashion, beauty, or all of the above!

Lately, I've been smitten with the following thing(s):

Lace up ankle boots ♥  

Lace up ankle boots are just something I adore! Period. These kind of shoes would so go with my little skirts & shirts! However, I can only find these online (Etsy) at this store. They are lace up granny ankle boots that are a size 8, which I am not unfortunately. However, if you like these shoes as much as I do and you're a size 8, you should go check out the shoes because they are on SALE~! And I most definitely envy you if you do end up buying these.


  1. I freaking love lace up ankle boots! There are these one pair I've been wanting for the longest time, but they cost around $70 bucks :(

  2. I've been looking around Etsy; Lots of cheap cute ones, but all the good ones just HAVE to be expensive D: